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End the Silent Suffering is a major book on a topic that has not been addressed in this manner for a very long time. I have seen every kind of addiction, but rarely have I read one on sex. Such a great reference to help you get through something that isn't openly talked about. The author opened my eyes and mind about what goes on behind closed doors. Thank you!"

Susan Schmidt

In these pages, you will uncover practical tips and insights for surviving your relationship with a sex addict. Be able to distinguish between a cheater and a sex addict. Recognize the warning signs and enter a new level of understanding and clarity. See through the lies and deception. Accept reality and make a decision about your future. Discover ways to encourage and empower yourself. Read others’ stories and know that you are not alone. Find out who you should and should not tell. Learn how to walk in forgiveness. Live in victory and peace. Make yourself available for someone who will love you the way you need to be loved. 

No more suffering in silence.

About Aisha

Aisha Isreal was born in Southern California, an only child, raised in a Christian home by her parents, who were high school sweethearts, and married at the ages of 19 & 20. She moved to her current city of residence, Chicago, at the age of 21, to attend graduate school. At 26, she married a man who was born in Chicago, also raised in a two-parent Christian home. For 14 years, they raised their two children together. Her family life experiences are the foundation for her belief system and the library from which she retrieves, then offers advice and shares wisdom. 


Aisha Isreal has truly captured the essence of a topic that many lack the language to discuss intelligently. "End of Silent Suffering" removes the laughter and skepticism and replaces it with facts and information to determine a diagnosable problem or if a person is just a cheater.
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Aisha did an astounding job presenting the issues and what women with similar situations can do to get help. Her book will be a life-saver to many women! I greatly admire her courage and strength! She is a great role-model for women to stand up for themselves and to achieve a happy and balanced life! BRAVA!!!
Dr. Carilyn Guedes
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Aisha’s book is one that really exposes a lot of issues that are common, while being a taboo subject in the African American community. She unpacks how this issue of addiction not only impacts women and wives, but also how much it hurts the entire family structure. She’s courageous and also gives anecdotes and solutions in repairing the damage sexual addiction can cause in the home. This is a must read for anyone battling any form of addiction.
End of Silent Suffering is a real breakthrough for anyone who has had to endure being involved with a sex addict. In her book, Aisha Isreal shares a rare glimpse into that suffering and helps pull her readers out of it! This is a must-read for everyone affected by sex addiction.
Josevie Jackson
Author of Thrive & Be Somebody

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