Aisha Isreal was born in Southern California, an only child, raised in a Christian home by her parents, who were high school sweethearts, and married at the ages of 19 & 20. She moved to her current city of residence, Chicago, at the age of 21, to attend graduate school. At 26, she married a man who was born in Chicago, also raised in a two-parent Christian home. For 14 years, they raised their two children together. Her family life experiences are the foundation for her belief system and the library from which she retrieves, then offers advice and shares wisdom. 

With a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a master’s degree in Education, and over 20- years’ experience working with families, Aisha Pounds is an author, speaker, family relationships expert, and life coach. Over the years, Aisha has spoken to dozens of men and women at workshops, in classes, at colleges, etc. 


he book Aisha has written is based on a collection of stories told by individuals who have experienced life with a sex addict, and have willingly shared their experiences, during interviews,for the purpose of helping everyday people going through relationship troubles or needing answers to serious questions.  Aisha aims to educate the masses, but especially the victim. Her book serves to empower people whom have fallen in love with a sex addict. She wrote this book to provide insight into their world, to assist those who need clarity about their situation, and to rid them of the burden.  

When people are in love, they tend to give their partner the benefit of the doubt. They want to believe the best about their partner. But the sex addict depends on this unconditional love and seemingly endless cycle of forgiveness. Aisha wants the partner to know they must end this cycle. Their sanity, and quite possibly their life, depends on it.

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